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Sell more jobs in less time with the sales tool that automatically turns more leads into customers.

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Roofing Follow-up Perfected

Increase sales with roofing sales automation.
More Sales Revenue

Close more leads while decreasing costs and saving time with automated sales follow-up via text, email, and more.

Improve customer experience with better roofing communication.
Improved Customer Experience

Lack of consistent communication is the #1 complaint homeowners have with contractors. PowrLine fixes this.

Make your team more productive with roofing team collaboration tools.
Better Team Collaboration

Keep your whole team up-to-speed with automatic tracking of all automated and manual communication with leads.


Your Company's PowrLine Account Is FREE Forever

Customize your account, set up your automated sales pipeline and review follow-up automation templates. Only pay when you’re ready to start follow-ups!

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What Roofers Are Saying

Sell More Roofs With PowrLine. Guaranteed.

What would you do with $135,000 in additional sales revenue next month?

We guarantee you’ll sell at least one additional job within the first 90 days of using PowrLine PRO, or we’ll fully refund everything you’ve paid us.

There’s not risk to get started. You can’t afford to not be using automated follow-up!

PowrLine in Action

Blue messages were automatically sent by PowrLine!

These screenshots are of a real interaction between a prospect (Kimberly) and one a roofing contractors using PowrLine (John). Watch as the PowrLine follow-ups engage the prospect and help John close the deal!

PowrLine seamlessly meshes automated messages with manual communication for a smooth and effective experience for prospects. No random messages going out behind your back, you always know what and when messages have and will be sent to your prospect.

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We Love Our Awesome Users!

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Follow-up Is the Key to More Sales

Following up is a critical aspect of success as a contractor, but human nature is working against the process.

  • The Average Sale Requires 5 Follow-up Attempts. (LeadFuze)
  • 44% Of Sales Reps Give Up After One Follow-up. (Zoominfo)
  • 92% Of Sales Reps Give Up by 4th Follow-up Attempt. (Zety)

PowrLine solves this by following up on behalf of you and your sales team by text, email and more. It’s like have a full-time sales assistant that never gives up on a sale, never has a bad day, and works for literally pennies per hour.

Built for SumoQuote Users

Our deep integration with SumoQuote allows PowrLine to implemented with zero additional workload added to your team’s plate. Contact information is synced to PowrLine, and follow-up automations are automatically started and stopped at the correct times.

We only support and provide onboarding services to SumoQuote users. If you’re not a SumoQuote user you’re still welcome to try us out, but for best results we recommend signing up with SumoQuote before trying us out.

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We Also Integrate With

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1000s of Other Apps

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Want More Sales in Less time like DeLaurier Roofing?

Your business can start seeing results like these within just 30 days. Our support team is standing by to help you get more sales as quickly as possible.

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Residential Roofer in Athens, GA

Increased Revenue by $ 0

DeLaurier Roofing started using PowrLine in February of 2021. In the first 6 months after implementation, DeLaurier Roofing saw substantial improvements to their sales performance and business efficiency. 

The measured improvements to their business include the following:

  • Increased Close Ratio from 33% to 64%
  • $216,252 in Added Revenue
  • 37 Five-Star Google Reviews Generated
  • Over 173 Hours of Time Saved

Close ratio is the percentage of estimates delivered to homeowners that became sold jobs. PowrLine’s sales follow-up feature was able to directly impact this metric, resulting in $216,252 in added revenue. Additionally, PowrLine’s other automations and organizational features helped DeLaurier Roofing to save over an hour’s worth of time each workday.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. PowrLine is not a CRM, nor does it replace your CRM. It also does not require a CRM in order increase your sales though. PowrLine will automate follow-up regardless of whether it’s connected to a CRM or not.

You do! Any leads, contacts, or data you add to PowrLine is 100% owned by you. PowrLine doesn’t have permission to move or use that data for any reason. PowrLine is just a tool for YOU to sell YOUR leads and manage YOUR contacts. 

You can cancel your account at anytime by going to the Manage Billing page inside PowrLine and tapping “Cancel”. No need to call, email, or talk to anyone!

You keep your data, for FREE, forever. If you cancel, you will lose the ability to manually or automatically call/text/email via PowrLine, but you will retain access to the PowrLine sales management interface and data forever.

We integrate with most software on the planet via Zapier, but we also have direct integrations with JobNimbus, CompanyCam, EagleView, and SumoQuote. PowrLine is designed to be integrated with SumoQuote before anything else.

Absolutely. The PowrLine team is available via the green chat icon (lower right-hand corner) 24/7. We’re still a small startup, but we do our best to respond immediately to all messages. We also provide support calls via Zoom on request.

PowrLine’s most popular follow-up sequences are: Speed-To-Lead, Follow-up on Quote, and Review Request. These sequence are made up of automated text messages and emails. Additional automated actions can be added such as sending postcards, assigning tasks, or even ordering EagleViews.

Yes! The PowrLine mobile app is available on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

If you downgrade your account from Professional to Basic, we will hold your phone numbers (PowrLine numbers) for 30 days before releasing them back into the public pool. We can also transfer them free of charge to the phone service of your choice.

No credit card is required to create a PowrLine account and explore PowrLine’s automation sequences and follow-up templates. A credit card is only required once you’re ready to actually start automating follow-ups.

Discover what PowrLine can do for your business!

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