Automated Follow-up for Roofing Companies

Sell more roofs in less time with the follow-up automation tool built for roofers by roofers.

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Roofing Follow-up Perfected

Automate sales follow-up to increase sales.
More Sales Revenue

Close more leads while decreasing costs and saving time with automated sales follow-up via text, email, and more.

Better sales communication.
Improved Customer Experience

Lack of consistent communication is the #1 complaint homeowners have with roofers. PowrLine fixes this.

Manage your sales team.
Better Team Collaboration

Keep your whole team up-to-speed with automatic tracking of all automated and manual communication with leads.


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Want More Sales in Less time like DeLaurier Roofing?

Your roofing company can start seeing results like these within just 30 days. Our support team is standing by to help you get more sales as quickly as possible.

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Increased Revenue by $ 0

DeLaurier Roofing started using PowrLine in February of 2021. In the first 6 months after implementation, DeLaurier Roofing saw substantial improvements to their sales performance and business efficiency. 

The measured improvements to their business include the following:

Close ratio is the percentage of estimates delivered to homeowners that became sold jobs. PowrLine’s sales follow-up feature was able to directly impact this metric, resulting in $216,252 in added revenue. Additionally, PowrLine’s other automations and organizational features helped DeLaurier Roofing to save over an hour’s worth of time each workday.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Our PowrLine Android app is available for download on the Play Store. You will need an invitation code to create an account if you do not already have one.

Yes! Our PowrLine iOS app is currently available on the App Store. You will need an invitation code to create an account if you do not already have one.

PowrLine is only available in the US/Canada and can only text and call local US/Canada phone numbers.

We have no plans to support international calling or texting.

You absolutely can if that’s what works best for you.

While PowrLine doesn’t provide any production management tools, if you’re looking for a lightweight sales and communication focused CRM, PowrLine can fill this role.

Many of our users will use SumoQuote for their estimates and production management, and use PowrLine as their CRM and sales management platform.

That being said, we integrate with pretty much every other roofing CRM on the market and can work well alongside them. It’s totally up to you and what works best for you, your team, and your process.

Yes, we have a native two-way integration with JobNimbus that syncs contact information between the two platforms.

While we do not have a native integration with AccuLynx at this time, it is possible to connect PowrLine and Acculynx via Zapier. Please reach out to support once you’ve created an account for assistance.

Each PowrLine account has one PowrLine number, and each account must have a unique email address. You can create multiple accounts within the same company, allowing all accounts to share the same pipelines, contacts, and automations while also having unique phone numbers, call logs, and conversations.

Admins and teammates who have been given access, can also switch to another account’s PowrLine number, allowing them to send text messages or emails as that account. 

The three most common automated sequences PowrLine is used for are: Initial Lead Response, Sales Follow-up Drip, and Review Generation. We encourage our users to experiment with automating other parts of their business as well, by combining our different automation step types into new sequences.

PowrLine currently supports the following automation step types: Send Email, Send Text Message, Assign Contact (to team member), Create Task (for team member), and Send Webhook.

The Send Webhook automation step can be linked to a Zap in Zapier and used to trigger any service with a Zapier integration. This can be used to automate actions like sending a handwritten postcard to a customer, posting on social media, creating a quickbooks invoice, etc.

Yes! Reach out to support for details.

We don’t have an official discount, but we are open to special discounts or affiliate relationships based on client count. Text us at (770) 609-3082 to open the conversation.

Yes, we have a native integration with JobProgress that creates and updates JobProgress customers when contacts are created or edited in PowrLine.

Yes! We have a native integration with SumoQuote for creating projects and moving contacts based on project status and report signing.

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