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What is PowrLine?

PowrLine is a sales automations and virtual phone platform for contractors, that greatly improves sales performance and efficiency using built-in lead nurture and follow-up automation. PowrLine sends automated messages through the same phone number used for regular texts and calls, which is considerably more effective and easier to use than existing solutions.

The Problem

Consistent lead nurture and follow-up communication is such a meticulous and time-consuming activity for contractors to perform manually that it rarely happens, despite the added sales it generates.

Existing sales automation solutions can help, but end up causing secondary problems by sending automated text messages from unfamiliar phone numbers, splintering conversations across multiple platforms, and forcing contractors to substantially change how they communicate with leads. 

Our Solution

PowrLine elegantly solves the contractor lead nurture and follow-up problem by combining a virtual phone service with a dynamic sales automation engine. Automated text messages are sent through the same phone number used for manual texts and voice calls, keeping text conversations unified and simple.

Where We Are Now

The contractors using the PowrLine private beta have seen incredible results and we’re excited to be bringing new companies onto the platform.

To ensure the best possible experience for every new company we onboard, we are doing discovery calls with all interested contractors before moving to a demo.

Our Team

AJ Briley


Serial entrepreneur with over 9 years of experience in SMB sales and marketing. Founder of Blackfire Systems, a home services marketing agency.

John DeLaurier


Over 15 years of experience in home services and home insurance sales. Current owner/operator of DeLaurier Roofing in Athens, GA.

John Ortega

Technical Advisor

6 years of software development and quality assurance testing experience for web-based technology applications.

Aalok Patel

Product Advisor

Former product manager at Citibank and serial entrepreneur with a knack for branding and iterative development.

Company Updates

PowrLine Team

In-App Feature Requests Page

As the number of companies using PowrLine grows, we want to make it easy to request new features from our development team. We’ve added a new page inside PowrLine for this purpose.

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