How SMS Fits Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

"Directly texting your clients and leads is a powerful strategy to grab their attention—texts have a read rate of around 97%, or almost triple that of email!"

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If you’re reading this, you probably know what a powerful tool digital marketing can be when used correctly.

More eyes are fixed on the digital world than anywhere else. Worldwide there are…

  • 4.66 billion active internet users
  • 4.32 billion active mobile internet users
  • 4.2 billion active social media users
  • 4.15 billion active mobile social media users¹
  • 4 billion email users²

It’s no wonder digital marketing is on the lips (and fingertips) of marketers, SaaS companies, and business owners!

So if you’re starting from scratch, what digital marketing tools can you use?

Email is often the first platform small teams and business owners try to master. It’s a move with many benefits, such as…

  • Little or no barrier to entry and start-up cost
  • Simple to scale
  • High ROI 

Email tends to favor long-form content. If you’re just beginning to explore digital marketing, start with an email newsletter to your existing clients. It’s a simple strategy to stay top-of-mind, deliver consistent value, set the stage for future sales.

But email has drawbacks. If you’re not careful and don’t deliver enough value, your messages can seem like spam. And, because it’s a relatively unrestricted and large platform, your outreach can easily get lost in the mix of work and personal emails. As a result, emails only have an open rate of about 20%.³

This is where plain old SMS comes into play. Directly texting your clients and leads is a powerful strategy to grab their attention—texts have a read rate of around 97%, or almost triple that of email!⁴ That makes it the perfect platform for

  • Sending follow-ups to leads
  • Keep clients in the loop
  • Send alerts about specific accounts

 It’s quick, it’s painless, and it grabs the attention of the person you’re texting.

Just be careful not to cold text leads. That’s a quick way to get marked as spam!

So before you dive into the world of social media marketing, SEO, and landing pages, create a marketing email address. Send out a monthly newsletter to your clients. Send a follow-up text to a lead. And, when you start reaping the rewards, scale up and use an automation platform like PowrLine to effortlessly send texts and emails to everyone in your lead funnel.





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