PowrLine Pricing

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What does it cost to use PowrLine?

The short answer: You can get started with PowrLine for FREE.

The free version of PowrLine provides our complete sales process management interface free forever for your whole team. Add leads, import contacts, store customer information, track sales and job progress, keep records of contact updates, and even integrate PowrLine with other roofing industry software, all for free.

What’s the catch?

PowrLine’s free version will help you organize your roofing sales process and leads, but it doesn’t include the powerful communication and follow-up automation tools that are PowrLine’s most valuable features.

If you’re serious about radically increasing your roofing company’s revenue and profitability with automated follow-up, you’ll need to upgrade one or more of your account’s users to a PowrUser.

Upgrading to PowrUser

We charge $297/mo for each PowrUser in your company’s PowrLine account.

Users in your company’s account that have been upgraded to PowrUsers, are provided with a virtual business phone number (PowrLine Number). Additionally, they’re able to connect their email to PowrLine.

“So what?” (you might ask). “We already have phone numbers and our emails are fine not connected to PowrLine!”

There are two big benefits to having a PowrLine number and being able to connect your email to PowrLine:

  1. Text & Email Automation: Since PowrLine’s text message and email automations (sent when automatically following up with leads) are sent through a user’s PowrLine number and connected email, these features will only work if a contact is assigned to a PowrUser. In short, you must be a PowrUser to use PowrLine’s automated follow-up.
  2. Automatic Communication Tracking: All text messages, emails, and phone calls made through a PowrLine number or connected email, are automatically tracked in PowrLine’s activity hub. Which means no more having to enter these interactions into your CRM or other software manually and no more mistakes being made due to touches with customers not being properly tracked and recorded.

Return on Investment

Let’s talk about the big question. Is PowrLine worth the cost?

A roofing salesperson that leverages PowrLine for automated follow-up can expect to increase the number of roofing jobs they close by 20 to 40%. This means a salesperson that closed $1 million per year in roofing projects without PowrLine, can expect to close around $1.3 million using PowrLine.

In addition to the sales revenue increases, PowrLine provides other benefits that are harder to quantify. Roofing salespeople that use PowrLine report…

  • Feeling more in control of their sales process.
  • Having better conversations with leads and customers.
  • Feeling like their jobs are more fun than they were before.
  • Making fewer miscommunication mistakes.
  • Being able to spend more time talking to prospects and actually selling.
  • Being able to spend less time on data entry and other non-revenue generating activities.

For the example above, that $300,000 increase in sales revenue requires just one PowrUser account. A PowrUser account costs $297 per month, which is $3,564 per year. So in addition to all the intangible benefits in the list above, providing PowrLine to just one of your salespeople is the equivalent of buying $300,000 in additional sales revenue for just $3,564.

We think that’s a no-brainer. Do you?

Whether you’re an individual salesperson looking for an edge, or a sales manager or owner looking to arm their roofing sales team with the tools for success, automating follow-up with PowrLine is a sure path to more sales.

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